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Note: You are reading the rough draft version of this Blog Entry. David will have this article updated in its final form before the next episode is published.

Hey everyone, and welcome to the 1L2L Blog write up for episode 5 on Asthma and Exercise Induced Asthma (EIA)! Feel free to listen to the latest episode at the bottom of the page, but please subscribe on of the podcasting services above (for FREE) because the link at the bottom of the page only displays the latest episode and not previous ones.


Similar to the last two episodes, this episode was an a solo episode I could cover more content “quickly”. However, it still ended up being  a beast of an episode! I’ll have to work on chopping down the episodes closer to an hour. If it hadn’t been for the extra Bane dialogue I recorded for the intro and the 15 minute intro, I think it was mostly to the point. I even skipped out on directly discussing the individual research studies in detail and it still clocked in at an hour and a half. 

Next week will be back to the interview style, so hopefully I can boil it down to the essentials!



The common theme of this week’s episode on asthma and next week’s episode on asthma is inflammation. In fact most chronic disease nowadays are caused by types of inflammation, so it’s a them we will likely revisit again.
Both exercise induced asthma (EIA) and regular asthma (think allergies) are brought forth by an inflammatory response to our environments. Whether it’s an allergen in the air, or good old fashioned cold dry air, both can cause your lungs to constrict and your airways become obstructed, making it hard to exhale air forcefully.

Helpful Links and Resources

  •  Study by Bin Naharuden (mentioned in the intro)
  • Wim Hof Breathing Method website
  • Bane Mask / altitude mask affiliate link
  • Copper Pools review paper for the lay person…
  • Parsons 2009 stats on prevalance
  • News article from the Guardian on prevalance in athletes
  • Morris et al on type of tests used
  • Boulet 2015 12% FEV1 drop, types of testing, EVH
  • FRAST test info
  • Shei and IMT protocol standardization
  • Del Giacco and Lawrence 1999
  • Stepwise approach article
  • Link to Henry Ford like Labib mentioned for the bronchoplasty blasting the lungs
  • Turk 2017 HIIT + Diet intervention asthma studies
  • Stoodley for list of all lifestyle interventions (diet, breathing techniques, yoga, herbal medicines, etc)
  • Weight loss Peters 2018 study

Main takeaways for Managing Asthma

  • Insert main takeaways here (warm up prior to ex, using scarf or pollution mask), try interval training, breathing techniques such as nasal breathing and Wim Hof method, etc


This section is reserved for when episode 5 drops. I will use this section to correct and clarify points made on the actual episode.


Next episode we will discuss IN DETAIL, our super fan Matt’s question what to do for those suffering with long term joint problems (exercising with chronic pain and arthritis)


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