Episode 2 (feat. Mom and Mika)

Episode 2 (feat. Mom and Mika)

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Hey everyone, and welcome to the 1L2L Blog write up for episode 2! Feel free to listen to the latest episode at the bottom of the page, but please subscribe on of the podcasting services above (for FREE) because the link at the bottom of the page only displays the latest episode and not previous ones.


This episode, the format changed a bit. Instead of doing listener mail, I brought one of my listeners on (my Mother, Brenda!) because she had a lot of questions from the first episode. I wish we actually had time to talk more about her experiences in the boot camp classes because they actually follow a style of circuit training that claims to be “Tabata style”, which is ironically what High Intensity Interval Training was based off of! More on that on next week’s episode.
I also brought on the show my mother’s workout partner (my new sister in law) Mika! 
Mom and Mika have been religiously following their new workout program by adhering to a boot camp, so I was very intrigued on what helped them stay consistent and successful. while also discussing the unique challenges they may face as women foraying into the world of fitness. 


Interesting points 

1.) Bringing a friend to the gym can help you focus on your workout without distractions 
Mika said that in the group class everyone is focuses on what they’re doing and it’s NOT all eyes on you. Mom said in addition to this, if she’s with someone else in the gym it;s nice because nobody will try to come up to her and give her unwanted advice, because she’s with someone else. 

2.) It’s hard to be confident and/or experiment when you’re alone in the gym, so use our online resources to avoid the overwhelming amount of info that overcomplicates things, and even if you don’t have a friend to bring with you, we’ll be your friend! 😀

If it’s knowledge you seek and not just support, there are trainers, but they serve as inaccesible resources such  who seemingly hide behind a paywall.  
This leaves people to do their own research online, but then there’s the paradox of choice.
Luckily you’ve already found this podcast, where we can narrow things down for you. Digesting all of the info (and misinformation) in the fitness industry isn’t easy, but once you’ve developed your own tenets to follow, the actual execution is easy. 
3.) The Paradox of Choice can be overwhelming, but don’t worry, you have time to find what works for you! Build your confidence, and experiment.

As I described in the episode using the toothpaste buying analogy, it can be very overwhelming when there are so many exercises that you don’t know where to start. With so many exercises it leaves you wondering whether you are following the “right” type of workout program. This is similar to what Scott mentioned in the first episode where he said he would go online and hear everyone on their soapbox preaching about how “only using kettlebells is the best way to workout”. Spoiler Alert: There is no one “best” way to workout. You need to find what works for you (while avoiding the pitfalls along the way). I will be coming out with some basic training programs soon that are VERY simple to follow and easy to execute, but don’t be afraid to experiment in the gym.

 BONUS TIP: Go into your local gym during their slow time (6 – 8 AM, 12 – 3 PM, and 8 -10 PM in most gyms) and experiment on your own when there are less eyes on you, in order to build up your confidence when you come in during peak hours of business.  


  • Group training helps build a sense of community (a “fit fam) and builds comradery as you bond through the suffering (at least initially until you all become more capable together)
  • Women sometimes find themselves in need of a gym partner (male or female) just to feel comfortable / get the “eyes off them”.
  • It takes confidence to use free weights out in the open, so bring a friend and experiment!
  • Consent to critique (unwanted advice) is always needed for one person to help another in the gym
  • Find someone who is SOMEWHAT close to your current fitness level that you feel comfortable competing with a join a fitness community like Fitbit, or a boot camp class etc  


(I'll answer these on a rainy day...write in if you want these answered sooner rather than later!)

  • Are squats bad for you knees?
    Mika mentioned she has to occasionally use the TRX when her knees are hurting?
  • Do men lose weight easier than women?
    Mom said the men lose the weight much more quickly than the women do, and I think there a few factors why:
    Mika mentioned the guy from her Boot Camp challenge who’s 20 years older who lost 20 lbs where she only lost 10 , and although she admits he had more weight to lose it was demotivating to see him succeed when she felt like she gave more of an effot.


When I discussed “Falling off the wagon” and its relation to muscle memory, I didn’t get to fully explain what muscle memory really is. Yes, it’s true that it takes some time for your body to de-train, and yes it’s much easier to get back on the wagon once it’s fallen off (compared to if you never “got on” in the first place). But…exactly how long does this take? And do your muscles physically “remember” what they’ve done before? Is there a new higher baseline that you establish each time you train that your body can more easily fall back to?
If you’d like me to cover this in a future episode, please right in! 


Next episode we will do a special episode focusing on responding to listener mail that we didn’t get to address in the first two episodes.
We will discuss IN DETAIL, the latest research on HIIT, Intermittent Fasting, with an anecdotal discussion of what to do for those suffering with long term joint problems (exercising with chronic pain), and more!
Have a question or suggestion for us? Maybe you want to practice leaving us a freshly crafted feedback sandwich (visit the shop sometime in the next week to see our new Feedback Sandwich t-shirt ;))

Leave a comment below to let us know what you think. If you have a thought there are probably many other listeners who feel the same way. 
I challenge you take to the initiative now and become a part of our community by writing something below, or emailing us at got1Life2Lift@gmail.com!


  • When we were talking about HIIT protocols in the episode, I mentioned High Intensity Interval Resistance Training (HIIRT), which is a novel approach being actively researched right now. It’s like a HIIT workout but with weights! Check out the seminal new paper here for freehttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3551736/
  • For those who don’t know the history of HIIT, feel free to read this helpful article which discusses who developed it, and what the exact protocol is meant to be used (you may be surprised how short the actual protocol is!) https://www.active.com/fitness/articles/what-is-tabata-training
  • (EDIT: I am in the process of pulling up the resarch studies I mentioned in the episode that shows that women can lift just as much RELATIVE weight as men but not at an absolute weight. I will post it here soon within the next 2 days! Hang tight!
  • There will also be a link here explaining the repeated bout effect and why adrenaline only works one
  • Also link the study that shows women can do extended rep ranges so they have better muscular endurance than men, but men seem to be more explosive.


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