Episode 1 (feat. Scott Kraus)

Episode 1 (feat. Scott Kraus)

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Hey everyone, and welcome to the 1L2L Blog!
These blog posts will summarize the main talking points of the podcast, as well as serve as addendum where I can further elaborate on any points that were cut short, as well as make an clarification and/or corrections to things we may have said in the recording. 

You’ll also find a list of links to any relevant topics we discussed, which, FYI, may also be found in the description of each episode, so be sure to read those before and after listening to each episode.

I’m excited to begin our journey in fitness together as your personal guide and/or mentor. I’m also looking to learn and grow with you all during this process. Let’s cut through the noise and bring clarity, comfortability, and confidence to your fitness lifestyle changes. 


As I mentioned, this Pod was recorded pretty late at night (a few minutes past midnight) but we powered through to generate some great discussion about our three main topics (+ listener mail):
1.) What’s on David’s mind: How to be successful in anything you do.
2.) Trendy fun topic: Ben Afleck’s Batman workout, all fluff or the right stuff?
3.) Guest qeury: What’s stopping Scott (or people in general) from working out? What barriers stop people from staying on track? 
 4.) Listener Mail: What’s the deal with HIIT training? Intermittent fasting?
What exactly is a feedback sandwich? Listen to find out!


  • Being successful, whether in fitness or in anything in life requires consistency and incremental improvements over time.
  • In order to be consistent and stay motivated in your journey, you need to find a mentor, or at the very least someone (real or fictional) who inspires you. This can be a friend, family member, Rocky Balboa, an Instagrammer, of course, you’re favorite health and fitness podcaster 😉


 Next episode we will interview a female member of the fitness community. Scott represented the lay man, and our next guest will provided the lay woman’s female perspective. Building on the concept of what it takes to find success in fitness, we will re-explore what barriers to entry women encounter  in the fitness community.
Have a question or suggestion for us? Maybe you want to practice leaving us a freshly crafted feedback sandwich?
Leave a comment below to let us know what you think. If you have a thought there are probably many other listeners who feel the same way. 
I challenge you take to the initiative now and become a part of our community by writing something below, or emailing us at got1Life2Lift@gmail.com!


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    Feel free to leave a comment, question, or suggestion right here in the comment section! Don’t be shy now! 😀

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    It is critical to have expert Guidance when starting an exercise program. While it is possible to do such a program without a coach, having one will multiply the benefits. David has a depth of knowledge that makes him the perfect guide on this health journey.

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