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Try these exercises at home using only bodyweight (no equipment needed)

UPDATE 11/11/2020: Please note this page is still under construction since I only recently posted the YouTube video yesterday. I will have a more in depth cleaned up version of this list up sometime in the next 48 hours. In the meantime, here’s a list of all the Ab Exercises! Enjoy 😀


    • Leg lift circuit (5 exercises, 12 sec each for 1 min)
      • Lay on your back with hands under your butt for support, and do the following exercises in a row:
      • Flutter kicks, scissor kicks, knee tucks, bicycles, and double leg lifts 
    • Lower ab ball lifts also engaging adductors by squeezing ball with inner thighs
    • Crunch variations
      • V-ups
      • Circle crunches
    • Planks variations
      • Planks from hands
      • Planks from elbows (harder/more effective)
      • Hollow body planks (hunchback posture/flexing thoracic spine)
    • Oblique exercises
      • Russian twists
      • Oblique crunches
      • Windmills / wipers
      • Woodchops
    • Bicycle crunch targets all 3 components
    • Hanging knee tucks / L-sits
    • Hollow Body Holds (lay on your back in and lift arms and legs until you look like a human banana)
    • Rollouts with wheel or barbell
    • Cable rotational exercises (anto-rotation) with band or cable
    • Cable pulldowns and Anti-extension straight arm pressdowns (can also be done with band)
    • Contralateral reaches
    • Sock / Slider exercises (you can even use a rowing ergometer seat to slide)



These are exercises that shouldn’t be the foundation upon which you build your six-pack, but they are more for variety and having fun with the process, in order to spice things up a bit.

    • Do pull ups with legs straight out in front
    • Thrusters
    • Dragon Flags
    • Twisting Pistons
    • Arm crawl with leg drag / sliders
    • TRX Pikes, planks, knee tucks
    • Pikes on a swiss ball
    • BOSU crunches
    • Landmine Barbell twist if done right 
    • Partner leg flicks (or grab on to a bar or use a band/hip circle)


Technically there’s no such thing as a “bad” exercise. It’s just that most of these don’t have a good reisk/reward ratio in my book, or they are just designed to be overly fatiguing (although some people like Boot Camp style exercises, and if you’re in the military or a CrossFitter, by all means go for it).

  • Sit ups (and sit up with ball toss)
  • Almost every standing hip flexion based movement (way too easy. Most of them are dance moves)
  • SIde bends (train the Quadratus Lumborum lower back muscle, not your obliques)
  • Starfishes
  • Swiss ball crunches for beginners
    • even though it gets you off the floor and cushions the lower back you will struggle to find the ideal balance point
    • If you can tolerate scooching far enough back then go for it, otherwise use a BOSU if you can justify the cost
  • Random hand movements during planks (see the beginning of the YT video where I rip on this right off the bat)
  • Roll Up (Literally all momentum as you roll yourself from on your back into a standing posture)
  • Bridhe roll uos (just do a sinlgle leg bridge)
  • Half Get Up (usually too much going on, people suck at Turkish Get Ups in general)
  • Partner wheelbarrows (basically just a shoulder ex)
  • Any of the “sneaky” ab exercises.
    • Yes you engage your core in the squat but not your six pack muscles
  • Med ball russian twists (usually the med ball isn’t even necessary)
  • Mountain climbers (just exhaust you too fast)

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