David Vanderheyden

M.S. in Exercise Physiology, ACSM Certfied Personal Trainer, and Host of the 1 Life 2 Lift Youtube and Podcast Shows.

David has an extensive background in personal training, health coaching, and therapeutic exercise modalities including rehab, aquatic, and dance therapies. He hosts a health and fitness Podcast and an “edutainment” Youtube channel.

David did his thesis in biomechanics to study balance. He specializes in exercise in special populations.

What Does David Do?

YouTube Videos

Whether you need a full body, high intensity circuit, heavy weight functional training, or isolation movements for rehab or bodybuilding, David can explain detailed physiology in an easy to understand format.

Facebook Live Streams

David hosts a weekly Live Stream where fans can ask questions and tune in to learn about diet and exercise topics every Saturday at 7 PM EST. Like the Page to receive notifications whenever he goes live at Facebook.com/1LIFE2LIFT

Audio Podcasts

Listen to David have conversations with friends, family, and fitness professionals on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your Favorite podcasting apps
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